That’s me, deep in the Montana Wilderness.

Hi, I’m J.R. Seems like blogging’s the thing to do these days, so I’ve decided to take my shot. The question then becomes, what to blog about? Well, it’s a mix, really. I’ve been fortunate enough to go on some incredible hiking adventures through the years and would like to capture a few of these moments. At times I’ll focus on the hike itself, trying to provide general insight and basic tips for a first-timer. But not everyone’s a hard-core hiker and I don’t want to restrict my audience to just the mountaineers out there. So instead I’ll take a more entertaining and all-encompassing view. All the quirks, nuances, and and JRisms that go along with any of my road trips will be the primary focus of the story. Instructional at times, sentimental at others, and never too serious…that’s kind of the idea. Plus I’m going to Nepal for a month in November and something tells me a good story or two might come out of that one. So let’s kick back and see where this thing goes.

Oh yeah, what’s with the name? A few years ago my friend Dave Brookings and I tried our luck at homebrewing. In an effort to be creative, we attempted an Imperial Nut Brown Ale, infused with Spruce Essence and Vermont Maple Syrup. It was affectionately dubbed The Sticky Tree. Turns out the beer was awful (I got a little spruce happy) but the name received rave reviews. And there you have it.

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